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 I have trained with Angela for 11 years and honestly have never been stronger than I am now.  Angela has a gift for motivating her clients and has a music play list that enhances the training experience.  She knows that “fine line” between pushing enough for improved results and at the same time, making sure you listen to your body and take care of yourself.  Angela has an uncanny ability to know each individuals weights in class and she is great at multitasking.  I often say that she has eyes in the back of her head because she often observes when you think she is assisting someone else.  If your squat is not as “deep” as she thinks you are capable of, you will hear about it!  She is astute and endlessly reminds and corrects you regarding positioning to avoid injuries under her tutelage.  Angela has a wide range of anatomical knowledge as well.  She is uber enthusiastic and FUN -Beth Rohe

Sometimes I need that extra motivation to get where I want to go. Angela’s balances laughter and sweating, working ridiculously hard and having fun, which is the perfect recipe for success! –  Catherine Whitcomb – Fischer Pro Athlete, American Birkebeiner Champion, Pro Ski Racer

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