The JOY coach is IN

Joy is all about feeling free and fully inhabiting your body and your life. It is the ability to access a feeling of well-being regardless of what is happening around you.  It’s my job to help you access that feeling of freedom.

Let’s talk about the AWESOME stuff Somatic Experiencing JOY coaching can do for you: 

  • Liberate the stuck energy in the nervous system so it can be redirected in to CREATING a life you are excited to live in…YAY!
  • Open the door to feeling more ALIVE in your body…YAY again!
  • Create the ability to choose beneficial ventures over high risk behaviors…always nice to have FREEDOM to choose wisely!
  • Resolve trauma energy cycles directly and translate that energy to complete personal goals and projects…COMPLETION rocks.
  • Create a desire to attend to your physical self in a compassionate way…COMPASSION also rocks.
  • Set up natural energy pacing to eliminate crashes that come from ongoing excessive arousal (aka the stress response)… in other words, you become more EFFECTIVE in your endeavors.
  • Choose the beliefs that serve your highest good while disregarding familial childhood values that no longer serve
  • Eliminate subconscious vibrations that interfere with manifesting… let’s MANIFEST together!
  • Allow for deeper feelings and connections in relationships of all sorts… YUM.
  • Connect to the present moment, it is the key to happiness… PRESENCE… so important.
  • Establish a sense of well-being and TRUST in the process of life…. TRUST sets up JOY.

A little more about me:

  • My education in the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy program has changed everything.  Releasing trauma is a significant factor in being able to reach and maintain goals. 
  • My certification by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating as an Eating Psychology Coach changed how I view eating and my body in a positive way forever. Eating Psychology is honoring who you are as the eater to promote sustainable changes rather than just summoning more willpower to eat differently.
  • Owning a boutique gym, Personal training and group strength coaching for the last twenty years has shown me that maintaining the journey to complete goals takes way more than motivation.  It takes illuminating and dissolving the blocks that stop us from moving forward. 
  • No, not a dog trainer, but I am owned by three very spoiled senior dachshunds. In our home there also lives a big beautiful Plotthound named Lucky who is the love of my life.Angela in snow

Clients and friends call me:

  • Passionate
  • Authentic 
  • Encouraging
  • A good listener
  • Inspirational
  • Solution orientated
  • Fun
  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Funny

I would call myself quirky, real, honest and fiercely dedicated to learning and LIVING a joyful life. I’m in love with the idea that we are AWESOME already and the journey is about eliminating the blocks that prevent us from fully embracing that.

Ready for some more JOY? Click here to hit me up….and we can schedule a 20 minute FREE visit to discuss a plan.

Wow, she is a fine specimen, that Angela. I just love her, she has great energy. -Taylor Bernstein