Angela’s Coaching Testimonials


No one but Angela can get me into the gym! She always knows exactly what I need/hate and makes me do what I would never do on my own. Great music, great energy and the perfect mix of core and key muscle groups. I wish I could do it more! I need more Angela in my life!
– Danielle Carruth

There is so much I could say about Angela’s Gym. I have always been an active person and tried many things over the years. However, going to Angela’s incorporates the best of EVERYTHING! I am addicted. It’s the only thing that has changed my body composition while pushing myself in a fun and dynamic way. Angela is fantastic – there is no one else I would rather share my gym time with both for her resolve in creating a fantastic workout but also in her high energy, contagious laughter and RAD music. She is smart and thoughtful and on top of it – and my body, heart and soul are all so thankful this is the work she does!
– Shannon McLean

Please go to Angela’s Gym and do the fabulous workout that Angela has personally designed for you. High energy, personal care, fast paced, circuit training unlike anywhere. This is a workout created with you in mind. Great current music to keep you going throughout this high intensity , but completely doable workout. Results happen when you put In The effort . Let Angela be your coach as she creates an addictive fast paced workout. Angela is creative, inventive and FUN. GO.
– Linda Druss

I’ve been working out with Angela for 6-7 years now and I’ve never pushed myself this hard on my own or achieved the results I get. Whether you are in tip top shape or just starting, even recovering from an injury, Angela tailors the workout just for you. It’s like getting personal training in a kick-ass fun class. And for all the males of the species; Think you’re too tough for a circuit class? I’ve seen them walk in all puffed up and walk out gasping for breath having had their asses thoroughly handed to them and LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!
– Henno Heitur

I just finished up a morning session with Angela. I saw some friends, got a good workout, and now I’m fired up for the rest of the day. I haven’t done anything like this since high school; It takes focus and motivation and the right leader. Angela is that person for me. She’s real and on it and I love her sense of humor, (even in the midst of pain). I find myself wanting to fuel my body better as I don’t want to “wreck” all the hard work that just went in. Is all good! Many thanks…
– Nicky Elsbree

What is there not to love? Angela’s gym offers you the benefits of personal training without the expense. Her workouts vary so I am never bored. She is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivating. I am in much better shape since I have been training with her (10 years plus). Angela’s classes are fantastic whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned veteran…and they make working out fun!
– Dorrie Marks

I’ve been going to classes at Angela’s for over three years. The classes are never boring and Angela is great at personalizing workouts for different levels. The training is very functional – working out at Angela’s Gym has made me a better runner and mountain biker. I’ve tried a lot of local workout options, and Angela is by far THE BEST.
– Regina VanderWyst

“I have been going to Angela’s Gym for 9 years. I love the classes, music and the girls-and sometimes guys-that go too! Everyone is there for the same reason-a great, fun workout! Angela works parts of my body that I never strengthen on my own. AND she is very good at working with injuries. Lastly, if I need more of something, she will set me up to do more hip thrusts or whatever the desire is of the day!”
– Peggy Baker

Atrain is a more customized workout. Angela knows everyone’s abilities and goals so well that she can tailor the experience in a way you appreciate.
-Jennifer Hoey Smith

Yes in Angela’s class you work hard, torch calories and sweat, sweat, sweat, but Angela also makes you want to work hard to be your best self in the class and out.  I go for the killer workout, the positive energy, the fabulous music and the fun community.
– Alli Frank

Pure and simple – in the ten years I’ve been going to Angela’s classes – without exception – every session has given me a great workout – Hit it hard for an hour – and Done!
– Suzan Stommel

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