What one can handle

By Angela

That saying that God never gives you more than you can handle is total bullshit.  I’m sorry but I’m being given so much more than I can handle all the time.  And, I believe that is the POINT. Here’s the cool thing about having a very sensitive body in a fairly challenging life, there are constantly things that I cannot …

AngelaWhat one can handle

This one precious life

By Angela

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver Do you know what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? It’s a big question.  I continue to come back to it over and over in my own navigation of the reorganizing of pretty much everything in my life right now.  …

AngelaThis one precious life

There is NOTHING to fear.

By Angela

The Course In Miracles is back in my life on a committed daily basis.  I’m going through the workbook again.  The first time I did this daily was in 2009 after my business dropped by 60% about nine months after purchasing my second gym space. To say I was feeling terrified and insecure about my services and decisions would be a …

AngelaThere is NOTHING to fear.

The NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

By Angela

What I have learned is that trauma even if it’s not HUGE headline trauma is a BIG block to manifesting and feeling at home in your life.  This class series is designed to help start letting that trauma go and creating a path to bringing in what will make your life feel easier, more manageable and inspired. Here’s a quick preview …

AngelaThe NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

February Specials

By Angela

February – The Month of LOVE  Self-Love can be a stretch for a lot of us but I have found that Self-Care is a great place to start.  IN the name of Self-Care and honoring the month of love I am offering the following SPECIALS for February! PERSONAL TRAINING: PACK OF 10:  $1000 Pack of 10 for DUO training: $1,500 Pack of 10 for …

AngelaFebruary Specials


By Angela

Today is Monday, January 28, 2019.  This morning I finished my final hour of case consults.  This is a big deal because it means that I just need to turn in the paperwork and I will officially have my SEP certificate.SEP.  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This is a three-year program that took me almost four years to complete due to, …



By Angela

Letting go.  Saying good bye.  Moving on.  Even if what’s coming is AMAZING, it is a challenge to change and let go, say good bye and move on.  At least it is for me. When ATRAIN was born, it was six women who just wanted to be able to workout with me at a group rate.  I remember thinking at …


It takes two

By Angela

Strength training two to three days a week consistently has been something I have been doing for the last two decades.  Seriously, unless I’m on a trip or vacation, I rarely miss.  You would think that the secret to my badassery and consistency would be my love of the gym.   While I do love the gym, the answer to that …

AngelaIt takes two

The End

By Angela

An email popped up in my inbox a couple of days ago questioning is there are really any endings.  My answer to that is yes.  We have beginnings, middles and ends.  The beginning, middle and end to a day.  The beginning, middle and ending to a season.  The beginning, middle and end to a year. And yes, the beginning, middle …

AngelaThe End

Oh the Dance

By Angela

Never in a million years would I have imagined that swing dancing lessons would be so fun.   Dale Bates is an excellent teacher and between his instruction, the music, the outfits and learning something new, I’m absolutely hooked.What I love the most (which is saying a lot because I love all of it) is how the dance between the lead …

AngelaOh the Dance