There is NOTHING to fear.

By Angela

The Course In Miracles is back in my life on a committed daily basis.  I’m going through the workbook again.  The first time I did this daily was in 2009 after my business dropped by 60% about nine months after purchasing my second gym space. To say I was feeling terrified and insecure about my services and decisions would be a …

AngelaThere is NOTHING to fear.

The NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

By Angela

What I have learned is that trauma even if it’s not HUGE headline trauma is a BIG block to manifesting and feeling at home in your life.  This class series is designed to help start letting that trauma go and creating a path to bringing in what will make your life feel easier, more manageable and inspired. Here’s a quick preview …

AngelaThe NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

Sugar happens

By Angela

Halloween is tomorrow and … sugar happens. It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world.Take a breath and let’s discuss strategies.For most of us, moderation is going to be our best bet.  All or nothing usually leads to all which then leads to shame around failure and/or days of dieting and starving which is not fun at all. #dietssuckHere’s a couple …

AngelaSugar happens

It is just NOT what you would think

By Angela

Understanding how we make (and stick to) changes is my passion. What sparks a healthy change and more importantly what makes people SUSTAIN the healthy change?  THAT is the interesting question. AND here’s the thing I’ve found out… more often than not, it is just NOT what you would think:I believed that old dated idea of eat less and exercise more …

AngelaIt is just NOT what you would think


By Angela

“Unlike what our ego may believe, it is not our role to repair or transform ourselves.  Indeed, one of the major obstacles to transformation is the idea that we can “fix” ourselves. This notion, of course, raises some interesting questions. What in us do we believe needs fixing, and what part of us is claiming the authority to be able …


Best of both worlds

By Angela

When I submitted my content to my advertising experts to put into the beautiful flyers they create, they emailed back with the suggestion that I needed another name for “Your Fabulous Summer Body Challenge”. They felt that “Your Fabulous Summer Body” implies that you are creating a great body, but that can’t possibly be what I’m coaching as all the …

AngelaBest of both worlds

9 reasons to sign up for your Fabulous Summer Body

By Angela

Your Fabulous Summer Body Series starts April 18!  Here are the top 9 reasons to sign up NOW Look good, feel good. Feel good, be good. Be good, do good.  Do good, feel JOY.  Move like a SUPERSTAR on the trails this summer!  Prehab… don’t rehab!  Get injury proofed before taking it outside. Peace INSIDE = Fab OUTSIDE Encouragement to …

Angela9 reasons to sign up for your Fabulous Summer Body

Spiritual Solutions

By Angela

“Our spiritual evolution has a major impact on the body.” ~Marc David As we evolve spiritually, we create space for our body to grow, heal and evolve.  Paying attention to our spiritual growth is a very underused powerful strategy for creating a fabulous body that can take you where you want to go.  Yes, you could be a very unspiritual human …

AngelaSpiritual Solutions

Recognizing JOY

By Angela

THIS WEEK:  Can you SLOW UP enough to start recognizing that there is potential for JOY everywhere?  Sure it’s easy to experience JOY when all is well, but the trick is to look for it when things are not as we think they should be. My example of the week:  Experience JOY as I skin up the mountain with the …

AngelaRecognizing JOY

A Day to Focus on LOVE

By Angela

Valentine’s: a day to really focus on love… how wonderful. Instead of making today about couples and chocolate, make it about writing some lists about what you really love that is in your life right now. What do you really love? (here’s my list… I recommend you write yours… it feels good!) •  Living in the mountains •  Yoga •  …

AngelaA Day to Focus on LOVE