DREAMING – What will be on your vision board??

By Angela

NEW PODCAST out and ready to walk you through the first group JOY coaching session. Here’s the LINK to the paperwork… YAHOOO!!! Here are the podcast links. iTunes Stitcher GoingtoAngelas   HAPPY NEW YEAR… Let’s set our sights (and visions) on JOY.  Yip!

AngelaDREAMING – What will be on your vision board??

A Vision for your life!

By Angela

It’s important to spend time taking a look and creating a vision of what you really do want in your life.  IF you spend the time to do this, you can then gently steer your life in the direction of your dreams. Henno and I spend some time talking about this AND then doing an actual visioning session in our …

AngelaA Vision for your life!

Finding Energy through Excellent Rhythm

By Angela

No you don’t have to be a musician to have great rhythm.  AND finding better rhythm can really support having more energy which is oh so very helpful for us to get to do all the awesome stuff that we can’t wait to do! Here’s some things to consider: Eating in the morning can start you off with some increased …

AngelaFinding Energy through Excellent Rhythm

The Perception Pivot

By Angela

Your perception of life will directly affect the way you feel. Being able to pivot your perception in a positive way is so empowering and makes it easier to choose feeling wonderful. When you choose to feel wonderful, people enjoy being around you, you enjoy being around yourself, AND you make better choices for your health and wellbeing. Basically it …

AngelaThe Perception Pivot

Angela’s Awesome Podcast: Episode 1

By Angela

Angela and Henno’s first episode. They talk about why they’re doing a podcast, hipthrusts for hunger, the psychology of eating, “should”, health, wellness and get into one of Angela’s blogs titled Be The Light.

AngelaAngela’s Awesome Podcast: Episode 1