There is NOTHING to fear.

By Angela

The Course In Miracles is back in my life on a committed daily basis.  I’m going through the workbook again.  The first time I did this daily was in 2009 after my business dropped by 60% about nine months after purchasing my second gym space. To say I was feeling terrified and insecure about my services and decisions would be a …

AngelaThere is NOTHING to fear.

The NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

By Angela

What I have learned is that trauma even if it’s not HUGE headline trauma is a BIG block to manifesting and feeling at home in your life.  This class series is designed to help start letting that trauma go and creating a path to bringing in what will make your life feel easier, more manageable and inspired. Here’s a quick preview …

AngelaThe NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

Rigorous Honesty (and Dreaming)

By Angela

If you have spent any time in 12-step meeting places, you have inevitably heard people talk about rigorous honesty. There are not a lot of requirements for getting sober but if anything could be called a requirement it would be rigorous honesty. We just can’t heal if we can’t get honest.  Whether or not you qualify for a 12-step group, …

AngelaRigorous Honesty (and Dreaming)

Crush like Lindsey

By Angela

You know what the recipe is for the best ski season yet? Conditioning your body in a way that you can have fun, tackle those moguls and double black diamonds, AND most importantly, set yourself up to avoid all visits to the surgeon’s office. This fall, get your PREHAB in at Angela’s Gym and avoid the unpleasantness of skiing yourself into shape. …

AngelaCrush like Lindsey