It takes two

By Angela

Strength training two to three days a week consistently has been something I have been doing for the last two decades.  Seriously, unless I’m on a trip or vacation, I rarely miss.  You would think that the secret to my badassery and consistency would be my love of the gym.   While I do love the gym, the answer to that would be a big fat no.  My love of the gym doesn’t keep me consistent.  Not at all.

The secret to my consistency is Heidi Marcus.  She’s my training partner.  She has been for over 15 years now. Like the mailman, rain, shine, sleet or snow, Heidi shows up to train with me and because of that, I show up and do my workouts. And she makes them fun.  We visit sometimes, but mostly we just push each other and show up.  It’s be one of the great gifts in my life.

Most of us know that strength training is an awesome thing to do for our bodies but actually showing up and doing it on a regular basis can be hard.  Just a few benefits are:

  • It increases metabolism which is key for lean body mass aka… a good-looking body.
  • There are studies that show that women who strength train like their bodies more regardless of actual outward physical changes.
  • The bone density is supported and increased.
  • The core training and back training to support the lower back and posture make everyday life more enjoyable.
  • AND for those of us passionate about the great outdoors, the right strength training supports our biking, hiking, running, and skiing in mind blowing ways. Just today, I took ten minutes off one of my regular running loops due to my latest training adjustments.

All these lovely benefits (plus more) are yours for the low low price of simply being consistent.
As I retire ATRAIN, I am left considering recommendations for my loyal amazing clients.  My biggest recommendation is to find a training partner and commit to each other.  (or of course use a trainer!!) Yes, some people are able to do it on their own but even my latest training partner, HAF owner, Kevin “the pain” Mora (Heidi’s out due to knee surgery recovery ☹) agree that working out together makes us stronger and is leading to bigger results.  And that is saying a ton because Kev and I are the very definition of gym rats.  We LOVE the gym and still feel like it’s better to train together.  We show up on time (well, I’m working on that, 4:45 am is still a big ask for me, but I’m there 4:50 no matter what), we don’t skip sets, and we go harder together than we would alone.  (NO WAY I’m getting up that early to train solo… NO NO NO WAY)

One of my new offerings is to create strength workouts for people to take and do on their own or much much better, to use with a training partner.  I can even create them for a trio or quad set up. The price drops as you commit to do it together (which is nice) but more importantly, you’ll find that workouts are more fun as a team.  Your results are much bigger as a team because showing up and going for it consistently is what makes those results happen.

Here’s a couple more tips about your training partner:

  1. Find someone who can train at the same times as you and then put those times on the calendar like every other important appointment.Don’t flake.Don’t cancel.This is like brushing your teeth… you just do it.
  2. If you don’t know someone, ask the Universe to send the right person to you.Manifesting is amazing right now; the energy is set up for it.Be clear about what you want, like I want my own Heidi Marcus and you’ll get it delivered. Yep, guaranteed, pretty much like Amazon prime.
  3. Pick workouts that work. Regardless on if you hire me to get you started, find a program online or just know what to do from previous training, make sure you are using your time effectively. The best-case scenario with poor exercise selection and sequencing is lackluster results, and worse case is burnout or injuries.Train smart by investing whatever it takes to make sure you are training to get you where you want to go.
  4. You don’t need to be at the same level of strength but it’s helpful to have someone equally committed. One of my favorite things about Heidi (and there’s a lot of favorite things) is that winter/spring/summer/fall, sleep or no sleep, she shows up. She shows up and so I show up. It was and will be again when she gets back, AWESOME.

Strength training can be such a positive part of your movement routine and having a training partner (or a trainer) is truly the best.  A real gift that everyone deserves to manifest for themselves.

AngelaIt takes two