Workshop Schedule

Coming in 2019!  Workshops and Group Coaching options with topics like: 

Making intimate friends with Your Amazing Body.  There is so much more to your body than the way it looks.  This will help promote a healthy body image and inspiration as to how to care for your physical organism.   Really landing in the body is an amazing gift and your best vehicle to take you where you want to go in this amazing life will set up amazing self care practices.  

Creating Your Personalized Goal Checklist. Often we are misguided in our goal setting.  We think they are going to make us feel the way we want to feel.   By shining a light on WHAT YOU REALLY DO WANT, This workshop is designed to help you analyze what goals are worthy of your time and energy.  

Moving Your Fabulous Body. More ideas on how to be present in your body, what is your unique way to move that lends the optimal results and the importance of appreciating the body you are in right now.

You Are RIGHT. Stepping out of the self-judgement seat and learning how to see that things, including your challenges, make sense.  Once we start to parse out what old beliefs are standing in your way and gently dissolve them, reaching and maintaining goals becomes so much easier (and more fun!) 

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AngelaWorkshop Schedule