Oh the Dance

By Angela

Never in a million years would I have imagined that swing dancing lessons would be so fun.   Dale Bates is an excellent teacher and between his instruction, the music, the outfits and learning something new, I’m absolutely hooked.

What I love the most (which is saying a lot because I love all of it) is how the dance between the lead and the follow is so delicate, filled with trust and in my system anyway, feels very relaxing and safe.  There are so many metaphors for life in dancing with a partner, and this lead/follow balance is making my heart sing.

The cool thing is the subtle balance between being lead and absolutely showing up to follow.  This reminds me of manifesting and the energetic dance with the universe.  As the swing dancing follow, you show up ready to dance but don’t make the first move.  As you wait for the lead and hence the guidance to come in, you are in a state of readiness.  It is actually a very exciting place to be because there are so many fun possibilities arriving. 

Once the leader takes your hand, you are then asked to lean in.  There is a pressure on his hand, so he knows that you are there, but you are absolutely following.  Show up but relax.  It’s so interesting to me as, of course, I continue to either not show up enough (sometimes) and push too hard forcing the movement (usually).  It makes me laugh out loud when Dale reminds me, “too much muscle” because it’s exactly what I do with the Universe, I try and make sh** happen.  Oh, my goodness, what a fun journey to try and learn this on the dance floor as see how it is mirroring my life.

When it comes to manifesting, the Universe needs you to be ready in a certain way to start the dance. I believe this is what prayer, meditation, affirmations and tuning into HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL are in this great dance with Divine Energy.  You show up by saying, here I am… ready.  The Universe says, okay here I am, I’ll lead the way.

Allowing the Universe to take care of the how things fall into place is the magic.   It’s such a smart move to let the Universe lead as it has WAY more power to move puzzle pieces into place for your most magnificent life than you do.  Exactly as the lead on the dance floor is watching out for where you are going, what move is next and easily catching your hands after a spin.

What a glorious way to live.  Just relax, get spun around (keep your feet under you… baby steps baby), hold your head high, lead with your heart, throw in some sassy hip moves here and there and boom,  you are manifesting cool things (and feelings!) all over this big old dance floor called planet earth.

This week:  Relax.  Consent with your whole heart to the lead.  Lean IN.  Accept and follow the dance steps with trust (I even wore a blindfold tonight, and every time he caught be me because I had my hands out and ready… wow!!)… and just enjoy the miracles that will surely unfold.

AngelaOh the Dance