By Angela

Letting go.  Saying good bye.  Moving on.  Even if what’s coming is AMAZING, it is a challenge to change and let go, say good bye and move on.  At least it is for me.

When ATRAIN was born, it was six women who just wanted to be able to workout with me at a group rate.  I remember thinking at that time, holy cow, I’m training 6 people at once!  WOW!  Now 17 years later, I can easily take up to 20 people (and often do) in my gym.

For some people, work is not fun, it is, well… work.  But for me, when I am teaching ATRAIN and I have the music cranking, everyone is sweating and I get to be large and in charge on the microphone, it is shear JOY.  One of my friends has commented to me that she can always tell when people hit their groove because she watches me start to dance.  I have realized that she’s right. I also realize that I’m dancing because I can’t help myself.  I am just so happy.

Even though I am thrilled with my new life, and my new offerings this is hard. I realize that even with all the new possibilities, both the possibilities that have arrived and those that are surely on their way, it is with a broken heart that I say good bye to ATRAIN.  I will miss it and my marvelous space very much. 

The last year of my life has been learning how to use all the tools I spent the past 15 years studying and using.  Now the rubber has hit the road and I’ve been asked to really practice what I preach on a level that I (thank GOD!) didn’t see coming. While it is absolutely a gift, it is also absolutely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Saying goodbye to ATRAIN is an entirely new level of acceptance and transition.  I believe that letting go of ATRAIN is the right move for my future.  Right now I am dwelling in both a state of thankfulness for what has been, and feeling of excitement as to what is coming AND I also honor the grief that is here with me as I write these words.  The tears are flowing right now and quite a few Justin’s mini peanut butter cups are being consumed (one can only be so present for such grief)… thank goodness I only bought one bag of the Justin’s!! 

When my first dachshund Stretch died, I experienced a truly broken heart for the first time.  A very shattered, broken heart.  What I learned is, not only does a crushed heart heal, but if you are committed to the inspiration grief brings, it will grow back more open and bigger than before as illustrated by my extreme love for my pack of FOUR new dogs which entered only after Stretch exited.

My heart is broken again with this farewell to my beloved gym, ATRAIN and that style of teaching.

Thankfully my experience tells me that I’m just being broken open again. I am certain my heart will mend again, coming back bigger and brighter with more room  for a bright new future teaching, coaching and living my big joyful life.

There are no words to describe how incredibly grateful I am to everyone who has trained with me in ATRAIN and individually in this space that I created. Please know that training you has been a deep well of joy for me always but especially in the past year of change.

Starting Monday, there are 8 (EIGHT IS GREAT) ATRAIN workouts left.  I hope to see as many of you as possible in the next 2.5 weeks and then see as many of you as possible over at High Altitude Fitness in whatever capacity serves your fitness needs the best.  I’m also so excited for as many of you as possible to join me in my NEW JOY BOMB Explosion Program in October.

Thank you dear readers… the blog continues even as ATRAIN retires. 

Much love, blessings and thankfulness to you… Angela (master of the loud music, large and in charge on the microphone, consumer of too many peanut butter cups and Queen of the ATRAIN)