Frequently Asked Questions

(Plus a little praise)…

How are Angela’s workouts different from other workouts like Crossfit? My goal is to make workouts that work for everyone’s body. That means options, options, options. (For example, you’ll get an opportunity to do pull-ups OR skip them in lieu of something friendlier to your neck…Push-ups are awesome but not for everyone, every day so there’s always another choice.) 

What’s the deal with Functional Training? Functional Training is strengthening the body in the way it moves in your daily life. For example: rarely as you are cruising through life do you curl down from the chest in a crunch movement, so crunches aren’t considered very functional. But, often we need to twist to grab something out of the backseat of the car or we are bent over on our bikes for hours, so mimicking those movements with bands and resistance cables will make you stronger in a completely applicable way. Functional training involves training movements not muscles.

Do I need a membership? Yes.  High Altitude Fitness offers very reasonable rates ranging from monthly to yearly to punchcards.

Why should I invest in a personal trainer? First of all, it is an investment. Your money and your time are important and we all want to be using both to not only enhance our wellness but to make our lives as enjoyable and productive as possible. Not only will healthy SAFE exercise prevent injuries and make you feel better, it’s also proven to promote healthier eating AND reduce the cost of long term health care. I personally guarantee that your workouts with me will make your outside activities more fun and reduce your chance of injury. Certainly working out alone works BUT working out with a personal trainer is more effective because A. it’s more motivating (you’ll do things that you might not do on your own) and B. you have accountability (gotta show up!) and C. you’ll get better results with less time.

Working out with Angela makes us do things that we would never do on our own.  – Jackie and Hannah Hennessy

I’ve heard your workouts are really tough… should I get into shape before coming in? No WAY! I can and will make every workout easier or harder depending on what’s best for you. This is where you get stronger and start feeling in shape.

I’m pretty intimidated by gyms… everyone looks so in shape… I don’t want to feel worse about my body… I am the QUEEN of support and making you feel GOOD about whatever level you currently working from. I totally believe that your body and your fitness level where they are RIGHT NOW need to be completely honored and celebrated. Boom!

You make me feel good about myself in the gym – which in turn wants me to work harder! – Jen McCann

I’m super busy…Can I see results with just once a week? Just like money in the bank baby– Any amount of training with Angela will enhance your strength and fitness goals (oh, and like money, more is sometimes better).

I’m a runner… do I really need to lift weights? You need to do any type of movement that you love to do. Unequivocally. But here’s what strength training can do for you as a runner (or cyclist or a skier or a swimmer or, you know, a person) 1. Build more muscle which seriously speeds up metabolism and helps keep you lean. 2. Speed work intervals will make you faster at whatever sport you do. 3. Target the core big time…A strong core will help you retain good posture in addition to enhanced breathing. 4. Strength work is EXCELLENT for injury prevention. It’s called PREhab. 5. Strength work will enhance your proprioception (that’s a fancypants way of saying you’ll have better balance) 6. It’s important for bone density 7. It’s fun … It’ll get you pumped up. YAY.

It works my whole body and keeps me fit for any sport I want to do! – Spooky Taft

What’s the deal with anaerobic intervals anyway? When you get anaerobic (i.e. you’re working so hard you get short of breath and wish the hill was over) the body releases more human growth hormone which in turn really supports the body in building and maintaining lean body mass. Yes. Come workout with me and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Won’t lifting weights make me bulky? Nope. Angela’s workouts focus on speed and reps rather than the heavy weights with short slow reps which can make some people bulk up.

Will Angela’s workouts help me lose weight? Yes. Lean muscle mass will significantly speed up your metabolism. My workouts definitely promote more lean muscle mass, not only in your legs like most cardio-based workouts (i.e. running, walking, spinning) but also through your upper body and CORE.

Can I do Angela’s workouts if I have a bad [insert body part here]? As we age, most of us have some sort of body tweak… knee, shoulder, lower back or neck are some of the more common ones. I can work around it and still help you get the results you are looking for. Serious injuries will always be referred out to a doctor or a physical therapist.

I’m 65, will I be able to start strength training workouts? Absolutely. Got to LOVE the sixties… they are the new forties!!!

Is training with Angela just for women? No way– men rock.