The NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!

By Angela

What I have learned is that trauma even if it’s not HUGE headline trauma is a BIG block to manifesting and feeling at home in your life.  This class series is designed to help start letting that trauma go and creating a path to bringing in what will make your life feel easier, more manageable and inspired. Here’s a quick preview of some content in my new class series and how it will help you INCREASE joy in your life:  

  • We will discuss what Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy (SE) is all about and why it’s such an important tool for illuminating the subconscious which can (and does) block joy.  SE will help UNBLOCK what’s preventing you from having more of a sense of well-being in your life. 
  • I will be teaching easy body orientated self-soothing and self-regulatory tools that you can practice at any time anywhere.  These tools ROCK because they are easy AND can and do provide a peaceful relaxed state of mind and body when practiced. 
  • There will be more information on what the FELT sense is, how to access it and why it’s so important.  Engaging the FELT sense cultivates an avenue to coming home and inhabiting your body.  Being in the body allows for trauma to release AND opens the door to creating your best life.  PS- it’s also amazing for body image issues.
  • There will be some more information on the different types of trauma that can get stuck in the body and how that can affect and direct our every day decision making and our goal setting.  Some trauma is obvious, (car wrecks, abuse, significant injury) but some trauma is so common it is not as recognizable or respected.  Most of us deal with some sort of money fear, body insecurity or loss. These “smaller” traumas can put our body in a constant state of fight or flight.  This wears down the system  creating energy leaks and holds you back from really feeling like your magnificent self.  Becoming aware of this less apparent trauma is the first step to releasing it and freeing up all that energy to be channeled into creating your best life. 
  • We will finish the series with a vision setting / vision board session.  SO FUN.  Manifesting what you would like to bring into your life starts with being able to visualize and sense what you really truly want.  Knowing what you really want is easier to access with actively using the FELT sense combined with the tools for self-soothing and self-regulating. Then the really fun part of creating a visual reminder for your brain to see which will help you pull it in all your new glorious habits, opportunities and experiences.

Let’s rock some goals this Spring! YAHOOO!!! 

PS- the miracle of ZOOM makes this awesome program accessible to anyone anywhere!! 

PSS- more details and dates in next week’s email! 

AngelaThe NEW trauma informed JOY coaching class series is COMING!