There is NOTHING to fear.

By Angela

The Course In Miracles is back in my life on a committed daily basis.  I’m going through the workbook again.  The first time I did this daily was in 2009 after my business dropped by 60% about nine months after purchasing my second gym space. To say I was feeling terrified and insecure about my services and decisions would be a very serious understatement.  When I committed to making the workbook in the Course In Miracles a daily practice and priority, my thinking had a significant makeover.  I found such FREEDOM in my THINKING regarding my financial situation that it felt like someone had waved a magic wand over everything I was so afraid of.  
I find myself in need of this magic miracle wand again.  I’m on another big leap of faith as this week as I rented an office space for my JOY coaching.  I am filled with ideas, and inspiration but also I am entering the unknown big time which can (and has) prompted some fear and insecurity.
Today’s lesson in the Course is: There is nothing to fear.
There is nothing to fear. 
There is nothing to fear.
Can you even imagine KNOWING that there is NOTHING TO FEAR? I am so thrilled that this lesson has me repeating this mantra all day.
What this means to me is that whenever something triggers my fear thinking, I can pull this TRUTH and repeat it to myself. I consider this strength training for my brain.  My brain is wired to be on high alert to fearful things.  I am again slowing retraining it to remember how I want to feel and thus creating my new reality.  My work around releasing trauma has helped me significantly with this and there’s more on trauma release lower down in this email.
My actual truth.  I AM NOT IN CHARGE.  GOD IS.  GOD’S GOT THIS.
Repeat and Repeat and Repeat.
KNOWING I have nothing to fear and feeling it as a cellular truth in my body is one very helpful way to evoke more JOY.  I’m defining JOY as a sense of well-being regardless of outside circumstances.  This means that I have Nothing To Fear around starting my new business, investing in an office and most of all, putting what I want to teach out there into the world for all to consider. 

(Breathe Angela Breathe… there is nothing to FEAR).
In addition to trusting that I have nothing to fear I am getting clear that my offerings in my JOY coaching are really NOT about me.  I am being led to help the people who find what I have to offer helpful.  That’s it.  Nothing to get all worked up about.  My ego is alive and well and saying differently but I’m hitting the mute button on her every time I repeat… I have NOTHING to Fear.
Ahhhhh…. Deep breath of relief.  Now it’s time to get back to the next indicated thing which is continuing to develop my first offering of classes which will be in my NEW OFFICE SPACE.  (Hip Hip Hooray)  This series of classes will be an introduction to my trauma informed JOY coaching.  There’s more details on the content of these classes HERE.
Also, if you are like me and impatient and want to get started NOW… hit me up.  I’m doing one on one coaching and small group coaching RIGHT NOW in my NEW OFFICE SPACE.  We can put together a plan and get this thing rolling!  (Did I mention the NEW office space?!?). 
I have nothing to fear.  None of us do really.  Support is everywhere.  So is the possibility for JOY, we just have cultivate the tools, retrain the mind and release the trauma to let it in.

Have a blessed week.   Love- Angela

PS- all JOY coaching offerings can be done remotely so if you don’t live here in beautiful Ketchum Idaho… no worries… we can ZOOM through the magic of modern technology!

AngelaThere is NOTHING to fear.