This one precious life

By Angela

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

Do you know what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

It’s a big question. 

I continue to come back to it over and over in my own navigation of the reorganizing of pretty much everything in my life right now.  What is it that will enable me to embrace the WILD?  What will help me recognize and appreciate how very very PRECIOUS my time is here on the planet?

Historically hasn’t felt possible to actually plan or even identify WHAT I TRULY WANT nonetheless allow myself to have it.  When I look closely, there is so much STUFF that has gotten in the way.

For me, there has been the whole permission thing to make my JOY a top priority.  My religious upbringing installed some crazy beliefs.  One is that in order to be a good person, I had to sacrifice my own JOY.  Sure, I could have some JOY… but don’t get carried away.  Life is hard.  Work hard, sacrifice tons, make others first no matter what and then MAYBE if there is a little bit of energy and time left, you can enjoy yourself.  No offense to the Seventh Day Adventist church because this was my child-self’s perception but that’s a load of horse poo.

This belief (among some other interesting ideas I picked up as a kid) has kept me holding up both hands actively BLOCKING joy and my ability to plan for my wild and precious life.  Now, it’s okay that I did this.  It made sense at the time.  My safety as a child in this world was at stake.  BUT as a healing healthy adult, it’s time to clear that belief out and replace it with one that makes sense. 

If I open the door to my own JOY, it opens the door for me to spread that joy and be of service in my very own unique way.  It’s just not possible to spread what you do not have.  Learning to prioritize your own wellbeing is a big challenge. It is counterintuitive to the way most of us are raised.  To be clear, no one is blaming anyone, especially our parents because chances are sky high that they were also raised this way.  But as adults transforming these beliefs are KEY to a big lovely life.

I am listening to Brené Brown’s latest book, Dare to Lead, and she again confirms what I know to be true. 

While it’s important to know WHAT YOU WANT and set the steering wheel to getting there, MORE IMPORTANTLY, you’ll need to clear out what is blocking you from actually arriving.  Clear out the blocks and you’ll begin to glide easily where you want to go. 

The blocks, like the one I mentioned above, seem to be some unexamined beliefs that most of us picked up as kids.  Again, these beliefs made sense at the time.  However, in the evolution to becoming healthy, self-regulating adults WE NEED THESE THINGS TO COME TO LIGHT SO WE CAN LET THEM GO.

One huge tool for me in being able to even SEE blocks has been my own personal healing around my childhood trauma with Somatic Experiencing Therapy.  This powerful modality helps me LET IT GO.

This is important to me because my purpose here on the planet at least right now is coaching other people to plan and INHABIT their wild and precious life. This means shaping the path certainly but just as importantly, dissolving the blocks. 

When trauma and old nasty beliefs are driving the bus (which trust me if you aren’t living a life of JOY, they are), then it is so much harder IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE to make the changes you want to make.  Sure, you may get inspired on vacation, or after a few glasses of wine. BUT learning how to reside in your life in such a way that JOY happens organically that is where the magic happens.

Holding reverence and planning for my one wild and precious life creates room for dancing, singing, laughing, connecting with God, coaching, writing, nature and connecting with my people.  That is what it’s all about for me.  AND now, MIRACLE of all MIRACLES, I can also just BE IN my life quietly.  Quietly… me… wowza!

Doing this somatic work has been an investment on all fronts but I am clear, it has been WORTH IT. 

My intro to Somatic Experiencing through releasing stress patterns, a powerful 4-part workshop starts next week.  Classes will be in my new office in Ketchum on Monday 7 pm and Wednesday, 1 pm.  There’s a remote option through zoom for those of you who don’t live here on Thursdays at 6 pm.

BRING on the WILD. 


BRING on fully inhabiting your body so you can fully inhabit your life.

Let’s DO this thing.

Yay yay and hooray!

AngelaThis one precious life