Release Stress Patterns Workshop

An Introduction to Somatic Experiencing Trauma Techniques – a powerful 4 part series designed to help you release old beliefs and unconscious behaviors enabling you to be more resilient.  

Let’s OPEN the door to manifesting your dream life.

April 29—May 23


  • Mondays at 7 pm
  • Wednesdays at 1 pm
  • Thursdays remotely 6 pm (Zoom conferencing from anywhere… isn’t technology fabulous!)

INVESTMENT: $149 plus 10% off a private coaching package to go deeper into your individual concerns and goals.

Call 208-720-7433 or Email Me  to sign up or if you have further questions!



Coming in 2019!  Workshops and Group Coaching options with topics like: 

Making intimate friends with Your Amazing Body.  There is so much more to your body than appearances.  This will help promote a healthy body image and inspiration as to how to care for your physical organism.   Really landing in and inhabiting YOUR amazing body is a gift and the best start to setting up and following through with self care practices leading you directly to your dream life.  

Creating Your Personalized Goal Checklist / VISION BOARD FUN. Often we are misguided in our goal setting.  We think certain goals will lead us to feeling a certain way, but without some investigation and clearing of blocks, we are often left unsatisfied.  Unable to absorb and appreciate the completion, we often set the bar a little higher and begin the struggle again.  Somatic Experiencing Trauma release shines a light  on WHAT YOU REALLY DO WANT and HOW YOU REALLY WANT TO FEEL.  This workshop is designed to help you analyze which goals are actually worthy of your time and energy.  

You Are RIGHT. Stepping out of the self-judgement seat and learning how to see that things, including your challenges, make sense.  Once we parse out the old beliefs that are standing in your way and gently dissolve them, we can reach and maintain goals.

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She is smart and thoughtful and on top of it–and my body, heart and soul are all so thankful this is the work she does.  -Shannon Mclean