About Me

About Me

Welcome to all about Angela Freebird, me, your fitness guide, mentor, coach and cheerleader.

Actually, welcome to what this page is really all about… YOU feeling comfortable, happy, strong and lean in your body.  AND just who do I think I am saying I can help you get there?


I’ll tell you a little bit about who I think I am.  I’m the Freebird.  Sometimes called the JOY Captain, Skippy or even the Yardbird (I’m a bit of a scrapper).  I’m also in a deeply committed relationship with FUN.  So not only will I help you  create habits that set up health and a deep sense of well-being.  I’m make sure you have FUN while doing so.

I’m happy to report, I now appreciate my body.  I love the way I move and I enjoy eating.  Truth is I did not always feel this way, not even close. (The dirty details are lower on the page should you be interested). 

Point is this.  I have spent a lifetime (not exaggerating as this started for me at age 14… now I am *gulp* 52)… Shifting from struggle into a sense of ease with fitness and food. Holy Hound Dog Batwoman.  I have put in the time, money and energy to heal.  Totally worth it. 

Why should you care about that?  Excellent question.

Answer: I am not only a scrapper… I am a teacher.  I live to coach.  It’s all over in my astrology chart (yes, that’s one of my many coaching tools).

 I can help you live in FREEDOM around food, exercise and BEing in your magnificent body. 

Trust me when I say… feeling at home in your body, WILL make the rest of your life feel better.  True true true story.  

I will help streamline you getting to a wonderful, strong, fit, happy place.

One more thing.  I love coaching so much, I will gift you the first session for free.  This is not a forever thing as I do have dog food to buy and a truck camper that sports very expensive tires… AND for now, this works for me so I hope you will click and schedule… right this minute.  Let’s get you IN your body and on the way to feeling like a rockstar.

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