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#1. You will do habits differently than anyone else.

WHAT: You have a unique operating system. Connect with (and maybe CREATE an actual notebook!!) your very owner’s manual and start embracing all of it. ALL. OF. IT. You’ll find glorious assets and most likely messy self-sabotages. It’s ALL IMPORTANT and wonderful. WHY: If you are falling down with changing your habits, rather than assuming you need to try harder (anyone, anyone?) ASSUME that you…

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Twelve Things YOU want to know about HABITS!

Long long ago when you were a little human, you developed grooves of behavior that shaped in to habits. In fact, MOST of our daily behaviors including how we show up in relationships (work, friends, romance) is dictated by how we developed these grooves as kids. (no wonder relationships can be so tricky, we are showing up as 6-year-olds) As you look back on your…

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