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Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Coaching, Freebird style.

What does that mean?





Go from Blah to Ahhh-HA in your body.

And right this minute it is being offered for FREE as my treat to you!  (Party horn sound here!)

Also, important to note that  this FREEBIE is through October 31, 2021 ONLY.

This fitness consult with me, Angela Freebird, your coach/cheerleader/mentor/trainer, will provide solutions and inspired direction.   Think of me as your new best sidekick to support making your inner superhero the star of your life. The retail value is $225 as it has a follow up email to continue the session’s inspiration.

As mentioned above, I am gifting this to you.  JUST FOR FALL so you can feel like you were born to feel… awesome.

You will leave the consult with  ideas, solutions and an actionable PLAN.

Behold the calendar to your right.  Pick a time.  Let’s talk Embodied Fitness.

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