Thank You!

Hello again! Just wanted you to know that I appreciate you submitting your application! I will reply within 24 weekday hours outlining the next steps on Your Embodied Fitness Transformation.

In the meantime… quick invitation to get present and soothe your nervous system:

Let your eyes go where they want to go and take in your environment. Be on the lookout and name a few things that support you. As I do that right now I notice my refrigerator (hooray), a coffee pot (even better) and I feel my soft chair supporting my body. I am also noticing my skin holding all the important parts in, the bones creating a structure for my muscles and am all of a sudden very appreciative of my fingers moving on the keyboard and my eyes taking all this in. See what happens in your body as you try this…. just an invitation.

This is the beginning of learning to love taking care of your body. 

I’ll be in touch very very soon. Looking forward to connecting… Angela

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