Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Coaching, Freebird style.

What does that mean?





This session will change how you feel in your body THIS SUMMER. 

And right this minute it is being offered at a serious discount as my treat to you!  (Party horn sound here!)

Yes, you read that correctly. This fitness consult is 60% off retail price.  60%!  (that’s over half off… can I get a hee haw?!)

Also, important to note that because this special is through July only! So don’t wait… time is a tickin my friend!  

This fitness consult with me, Angela Freebird, your coach/cheerleader/mentor/trainer, will provide solutions and inspired direction.  There is also a helpful follow up email.  The retail value is $225.

As mentioned above big discount, big, huge. This consult is now  priced at $90.  JUST FOR APRIL! 

You will leave the consult with  ideas, solutions and an actionable PLAN.

Guaranteed to be helpful in getting you well on your way to completing your 2021 goals! (or you will be fully refunded.)

Behold the calendar to your right.  Pick a time.  Let’s consult!

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