FUNctional Training – Your new favorite habit!

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Twenty years of training. Whew. Time does fly.

Back in the day I used to be quite the gym rat. I loved lifting heavy for hours and hours every week. Now, not so much. The longer I have lived here in idaho, the less I want to be inside. This ultimately led me to my personal training niche.

Here’s who I like to train and who likes to train with me: People who love moving and being outside. They know strength training enhances their outside experience AND they do not love the gym. FUNctional training freebird style has developed out of years of training exactly these types of people. A strength training method that directly translates to big results in real life in a short amount of time.

So because you are most likely one of those weekend warriors who is busy (let’s get to it already) and looking for a way to stay lean, fast on the trails and injury free, here’s the short and sweet breakdown of why FUNctional strength training with me (the Freebird) could be your new favorite habit!

FUNctional strength training:

  • It will make you stronger in everyday life. I have heard over and over and over how much better people feel skiing with a stronger core. Or how great it feels to keep up with kids (or grandkids). Or how nice it is to hit the trails in the spring feeling amazing right out of the gate.
  • It’s all about your CORE. Speaking of core, a strong one is hugely important for supporting a healthy lower back, increased oxygen capacity (translation: faster and easier to get to the top of whatever mountain you are climbing) and well, it looks cool.
  • A bigger payoff with less time invested.  Train movements not muscles. This is where multi-tasking shines brightly. 1-2 hours of functional strength training a week = big changes.
  • OUTSIDE TRAINING!  Now you can get all the awesomeness of a gym workout… outside. (We’ve been inside ENOUGH already!)
  • Metabolism goes UP. This means a leaner more awesome YOU.
  • It’s Fun. Say goodbye to crunches (they really don’t work anyway) and HELLO to functional standing/moving core exercises. FUNctional strength training not only works better, it feels better doing it. 

So, questions, comments, ready to sign up? Here’s more on the strength training options with me. CLICK AWAY.

OR you can go all out and get a FREE Fitness Consult. Let’s get you in your awesome body so you can work with it to create your best most awesome life!

Embodied Fitness Consult

Let’s talk transformation.  This chat will address what’s next for you in 2021 to feel fit, happy and healthy.  

We can chat strength training (how to start, why it matters, what it will do for you) or dynamic eating psychology  (how that makes creating healthy eating changes easier) or Somatic Experiencing® (what that is and why it changes everything around making sustainable changes along with helping you feel more like YOU… the YOU that you want to be) or maybe a combination of the above.

Each consult is customized because we all need different types of support.  This one is my treat.  That’s right, complementary awesome fitness expertise and support.  This is a special offer right now and spaces are limited so sign on up below! 



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