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Spring Special Fitness Consult!!

Losing weight, getting stronger, feeling better in your body, staying focused on what you really want and staying with healthy habits… all important to embody true fitness.  And there’s a lot of confusion around what to do, how to do it and if it’s even possible.   Why?  Because there is no one size fits all solution.  In fact, within our own lifetimes we will change over and over how we eat, how we move and how we feel about how we are eating and moving! 

This session will help clarify what your next best moves are for: 

1. Starting an exercise program and works 

2. Adding strength training into your exercise program and how to be consistent with actually sticking with the training

3. Healthy eating habits to lose weight, boost immunity or have more energy

4. What your best strategy is to reaching your 2021 fitness goals… do you have one?

Right here is your opportunity to book an amazing session with me to discuss solutions to any or all of the above at a seriously discounted price.

Yes, you read that correctly. This Spring Special Fitness Consult consists of spending some time together designing and creating a plan for completing your goals this Spring so you feel DIFFERENT, AWESOME and more ALIVE in your body this summer.  Included is a follow up email! 

 A whole new you awaits!

This coaching session will provide real honest big breakthroughs and come with a helpful follow up email are valued at $225. This session however is 60% off! 

Hip, Hip and a Hooray for that!  That means $90 and you’ll be inspired for taking action toward your goals.

AND if you just want to have a short chat about strength training or forest training… we can do that also.

Changing and getting back on track can be hard, especially alone.   It is WAY easier to do with some support.  

Here’s your chance to receive that support.  Click below and sign yourself up!

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