Tiny & Mighty
Eating Habit

Petite. Extraordinarily Impactful.
A solid start for sustainable change.

Is there an eating style that you would absolutely love to embody that you KNOW would make you feel healthier? look better? feel energized?

Imagine YOU!
Walking right on by the cookie aisle without any jumping in your cart
Imagine YOU!
EnJOYing a slow relaxed meal daily!
Imagine YOU!
Prioritizing a peaceful evening stroll over Ben & Jerry
Imagine you
Enjoying food. Appreciating your Body. Relaxed.
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All of those habits are possible without a major struggle.

In fact, (sadly) the struggling is most likely stopping your success.

Ready to ditch weight watchers (or whatever other diet is failing you) and try different? 

Welcome to Freebirdland where the name of the game around here is DIFFERENT!

Start SINGLE & Small

We will thoughtfully pick ONE habit together for a solid start

Go Juicy

Big enough to get your emotions involved and small enough to avoid overwhelm


You'll have a (PLAN) with support and accountability because when LIFE gets in the way we will adjust through our Voxer time to (PLAN B)

If you aren’t sure about coaching (or me) but you are this far in… This is an excellent place to start.  Plus it’s guaranteed.

Angela FreebirD

Opinionated habit strategist

I’m not going to lie. I cannot stand it when people feel bad because they “failed” at some program with making eating changes.
Time and again, it’s the program failing the human.

  • It’s not a good fit.
  • It doesn’t offer live support.
  • It’s dumb.  

So many reasons most programs fail the humans.

Can I get an amen? 

Yes. I’m on a soapbox.  However I have felt so bad about my “failings” until I started learning how to approach it differently.

Here I am helping the people who like me, who just want to eat and stop with the insanity already.


The Bite-Sized Tiny & Mighty Habit Kickstart

The way to end food and diet insanity is one habit a time.


This is how we start choosing the best single habit and strategy FOR YOU.


We'll spend an hour doing a strategy session together. Here's a look at my calendar so you can REST EASY about times however please do not worry about booking YET. Form to me first then I'll send you a booking calendar (or we'll go old school and actually book live together).

You Go Forth into Life

This habit will be big enough to start you on the path to your big Vision. Small enough that you can manage without overwhelm.


You check in with me TWICE weekly on the Voxer app. That's from your phone. It's easy. You ask questions, I encourage and we tweak the strategy as necessary. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

BOOM - Fist pump!

End of the month. You have a habit. You have skills. You continue working with me or fly solo and keep going.


Why is this so inexpensive?

This is an introductory price and to launch I put it on special. PLUS, I am devoted to finding ways to make LIVE customized real results more affordable.

Refund Policy

This is 100% refundable through the end of the zoom coaching hour. Once we start the month of the voxer support, there are no more refunds for any reason.​

Which Habit should I choose?

You do NOT have to know yet.
I have lots of ideas and that is what the form and the zoom coaching are for!
Together we:
Pick a habit
Form a strategy
Go forth and succeed!

Here’s a LINK to view my calendar so you can rest easy knowing times available.

PS- if you don’t see a time that works please let me know (Here’s the contact page to make it easy)

No need to book yet, fill out the form first and then we’ll get a time to KICKSTART your new movement habit!

I usually fail, what makes you think this is different?

Three Reasons:
1. Different is usually a great step in the right direction.
2. Even if you don't nail it like you hope, you will have MORE information on how you work.
3. I'm an optimist. I believe humans can change with the right help.

If you are ready to go DIFFERENT

This is an EASY YES