FUNctional Strength Training

Ski Conditioning... it's ON

FUNctional Strength Training

FUNctional Strength Training Options:


Life’s too short.  Get into shape now.  

EnJOY your winter sports.

I’ve got the skills to get you ready for your next powder adventure.

More Deets HERE.

Be the center of attention with a personal trainer that makes strength training fun… *raising my hand* me, I do that!

Outdoors in Sun Valley, or High Altitude Fitness or at your home or ANYWHERE using Zoom.  DETAILS


Zoom magic + Angela’s bands = FITNESS in your living room.

How easy is that?


Strength Training 101

1. You should feel better, not worse after a session

2. You don’t need to spend hours and hours to get results. 

3. It can be fun.  

4. It’s hard to do alone.

Here’s the truth.  I love strength training (I’ve been consistently training myself and others for over twenty years), I know what to do, I own the equipment, AND I still find it hard to do alone.

It’s not a matter of more willpower.

It’s about receiving support.  AND here you are in the right place to schedule some support!

Still not sure if strength training is all that?

It is.  It’s pretty awesome.

Let’s talk about your fitness goals… my treat. 

Just click below and pick a time and we will chat solutions.

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