ZOOM Strength Training




ZOOM rocks and so does this workout!

YOur workout- Your home - Get it done

starts December 2021


Push the Schedule button to chat about how this works and what you need.  EASY!

Train (get strong)

Click on the zoom link, once or twice a week and I’ll be there to train you…. magic.  Right in your home.

EnJOY (Live it!)

Feeling strong in your body leads to other healthy habits which lead to feeling better in your life!

Awesome Group Training

Strength training straight to your home!

Masks bringing you down?

Busy and need to fit it in?

Looking for accountability?

Ready for workouts that actually help you make changes?

I bring twenty years of experience helping people get stronger and achieving goals, targeted  equipment, great music and my FUN embodied self.  

ZOOM TRAINING – Starts December 2021!

Wednesdays at 9 am

Fridays at 9 am

Mountain time! 

You will feel stronger

You will lose weight


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