#2 Your big WHY is habit rocket Fuel


WHAT is underneath the desire to lose weight? WHY do you REALLY want to get stronger? WHAT do you truly desire? The deeper down TRUE reason is what will lead you to a WHY that matters


The surface stuff doesn’t engage our emotions nearly like the BIG WHY (aka, what you REALLY WANT). Now that you KNOW, you can have it… this rocket fuel, you just have to dig for it.


Play the SO THAT game. Drill down after every statement with So That to get to the power at the bottom. 

I have to quit the habit of eating eight cookies after dinner.

So That my jeans fit.

So That

I will  feel attractive.

So That

I can start dating.

So That

I can share my life with someone.

So That.

I am not so lonely.

AH-HA! There’s your WHY. I don’t want to be lonely.

Perhaps working on the habit of 8 cookies is a place to start.

However, a better habit might be, I’m lonely, I will create the habit of connecting with at least one person I know through telephone or in person every day. (even better, maybe you’ll do THAT after dinner).

That habit is going to be easier to stick with because you will be moving in the direction of your big WHYwhich is feeling connected and less lonely.

AND you might (I’ve seen it happen) STOP eating the cookies without even trying.

Cool right? More on this at #7 – get Sneaky and Creative


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