My Name is
Angela Freebird

and I'm a recovered
"Just Try Harder" human

I am a Habit Strategist

My quest for all things habit and making sustainable changes began around the time I turned 30.  

I’d been personal training for a couple of years and the

  ‘Just Do It’ approach 

or even worse, 

‘If you really want it’ line

was not working for my clients.

And it was NOT working for me.

My QUEST (I’m now 54!!)  has led me to embody a LOT of cool ‘make it sustainable’ health habit solutions.

If you want to try different, you are in the right place.  Welcome!

If trying harder isn't helping you make health shifts, you are in the right place.

My Mission

My name is Angela Freebird.

I have a mission.

→  I want people to have access to better information on habits. I know how PAINFUL it is to feel like you cannot stick to important changes. (OUCH!)

→  I want coaching that works to be more accessible to the humans that want it.  

It’s not free, nor should it be.  HOWEVER the power of systems and groups can bring the price tag down while keeping the human to human accountability up.

That's me
Out in my happy place-top of a mountain getting ready to snowboard down!

Sustaining Healthy Habits = Happier Healthier People = Healing for the Planet.

Welcome to the place where you learn how YOU, uniquely YOU, do habits.

Welcome to Freebirdland

What I believe about habits

One Size Does Not Fit All

It's important to create your own system for creating or ditching habits because it will be different than anyone else's

Live Support is KEY

We co-regulate each other's nervous systems. Human to human accountability is incredibly helpful.

Learning more about yourself is the key!

Astrology is MAGIC for this!

Trauma Resolution is Vital

Especially when your behaviors around making healthy choices are baffling, resolve the trauma and the choices get significantly easier.


Get super curious about how to do things differently rather than just trying harder and you'll be changing your habits in no time.

Emotions ignite change

Get all worked up and emotional over what you want to shift and then you'll be significantly fueling your habit shifts.

My Cred

Professional Credicials:

  • Personal training 28 years.
    • Opened several private gyms
    • Created a unique group personal training system
    • Trained trainers
  • Eating Psychology Coach 12 years.
    • Game Changer in healing my eating habits. It’s not what you eat as much as it is how you feel about what you eat
  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Practitioner 6 years
    • THIS WAS A GAME CHANGER in everything- this was the beginning of REAL FREEDOM.
    • More about Somatic Experiencing HERE
  • Astrologer 2 years
    • Astrology’s map is a magnificent self-acceptance tool
Strength train so you can play harder outside!

more cred

Life Credicials:

  • I started therapy when I was 27 years old.  I was waiting tables at the time and 1/4 of my weekly income went to therapy EVERY WEEK  because I knew I was not going to survive my behaviors.
    • I believe in therapy.
  • I spent 16.5 years in 12-step programs to resolve my addictions.  
  • I have been and continue to get coached weekly for the past eight years.
    • I believe in coaching. 
  • I am currently receiving coaching from four coaches.
    •  A copy-writing coach (who’s magic)
    • A soul smart coach (also magic)
    • A Somatic Experiencing Coach (she’s wonder woman) 
    • My beloved astrologer who has supported my love of astrology along with making my capacity for self-acceptance REAL.
    • Yes. Four.
  • I own 229 titles in Audible.  There’s a few novels certainly however most are books about how people change.  I listen to those repeat.
  • I was a yoga teacher
  • I am a Course in Miracles Student
  • I draw tarot cards to pick up my messages
  • I’ve created courses about making changes and taken courses (too many to list here) on how to change

Changing and Coaching isn’t a passion for me, it’s a mission.


Oh. My. Pluto.

My Transformation Credentials:

      • I started getting migraines in second grade and they have been life altering ever since.

        When I hit my late-thirties, I had a migraine every day for almost two years. 

        I saw eight specialists, had to quit working, and changed  everything in order to heal.

        • I get what it is like to be in a body that is filled with pain.

      • The year I was 48 I finally had enough trauma healing to leave a marriage that wasn’t working.  Along with leaving that, I lost my business and home.  I basically restarted everything from scratch at mid-life.
        • I get what it means to lose everything and restart.
That's me and Lucky Freebird

(Tinkerbell is photo-bombing the shot!)

my joy

  • Lucky Freebird.  He’s a hound dog that I rescued from a life chained between two trees.  

    • He reminds me that forgiveness is possible (he doesn’t harbor any resentment for his significant abuse).

    • He reminds me that everything works better out in the forest.

    • He is constantly demonstrating how to love life all the way with your whole heart!
  • Big Red.  She’s a 1-ton Ram pickup truck with a massive Cirrus camper on the back.  I camp in the Idaho mountains 3-4 times a week spring through fall.  Feels like freedom.
  • My divine squad.  I have a solid relationship with my angels and spirit guides and power animals.

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