MOVING STRENGTH Exercise habits

Exercise? Movement? Strength or Cardio?

How much?


Will I lose weight?

Everything hurts.

I hate it.

I don’t have the motivation.

I’ve been strength training and coaching for a long long time.  I’ve heard it all.

I’ve got strategies… Read on!

Years of

FUNctional Movement

I love working out.

As long as it is FUN.

If its not FUN- I just cannot get myself to do it.

So I make it FUN- most days.

That’s what works for me.

I’d love to help you figure out what works for you.

Exercising Tricks

A FREE list of Tricks I use to get myself moving

Tiny & Mighty Habit Kickstart

This is a great place to START!

Custom Exercise Programs

In keeping with the theme around here, there is no one size fits all so if you are looking for an overhaul, Contact Me and We will discuss options.

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I started over exercising at age 13

By the time I was in college I had a full-blown exercise addiction and before you start getting all jealous, it was NOT the healthy kind.

After a lot of years in serious recovery from the painful painful place of compulsion, I have figured out how to move in a way that:

A. Doesn’t hurt my body

B. Doesn’t dominate my life

C. Makes me happy

Whether you are NEW to moving or hurt or burned out, I have a lot of strategies to get you moving in a way that hits A,B & C for you.

 PS- It will be unique to you as one size never fits all.

Tiny is Mighty.

Does the idea of regular exercise cause you to cringe?

Maybe you've tried and tried and tried and still cannot stick to it.

I get that.

Believe it or not, I've had my moments of resetting my exercise program and it's not joke.

This is a tiny first date program that will ease you into making moving your body a regular (FUN) habit.

It's just about Moving
If the word exercise freaks you out... ditch it. Let's get you moving.
Healthy vs. Fit
There's movement for health and there's movement for shape-shifting your body. Different things. I'll help you decide what's right for you.
Different is KEY
Do not keep trying harder. Please. Let's get you better strategies.
You. Do. You.
If the strategy isn't working, it's the strategy, NOT YOU. Start to embody this and you'll start to shift.
If you need help
I'm down for a conversation. No obligation. I have had to restart my exercise program a few times in my life. It's not easy. I can help you.

Exercising Ideas 💡 and Tips

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