Eating Body Image Diet Habits

Sick of the way you are eating?

I hear that.

I’ve also heard this:

I’m fat.

I hate my body.

What do you eat?

Why can’t I stop eating sugar?

I’m fat.

If I could only stop buying cookies, I would lose weight.

What’s wrong with me?

I sneak eat… all the time.

I’m fat. I’m fat. I’m SO fat. 

Ouch. Ouch and more Ouch. I have heard it all, and said it all myself. (deep sigh)

As humans we need food to live and yet for a lot of us, that relationship is (pardon me here but there’s not way to sugar-coat it) Fucked.

If you are ready to try different, you are in the right place.

Years of

There is a solution

I don’t have a one size fits all for you.
I don’t believe it exists, however….



Weight Loss Hacks

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A list of Eating Habit Hacks and Tips to get you thinking Differently.
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Tiny & Mighty Habit Kickstart

Easy YES investment

This is another great place to start if you want a tiny BITE of 1:1 coaching.

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Go for it 1:1 Coaching

Astrology and Food Habits?
Yes. Absolutely.

I have been in food hell. I'm not anymore.

Of all the addictions I have suffered with in my life, my food obsession was the most painful.

I found a way out. (and trust me, I had a lot of help)

As with every transformation I have been through (and there have been some doozies),

I do it, I learn it, I coach it.

If you are frustrated and sad about failing to stay on course eating “right” then welcome to Freebirdland.

Let’s get you thinking differently and put the weight watchers restarts in the rearview… for good.

Tiny is Mighty.

You are over it. For real this time.

But what is THIS coaching program is the same as everything else you've tried?

That is a painful possibility.
Hiring a coach is a little like dating, you just never know and yet, you know you want something.

This is my first date offer. It's not just coffee, it's like a dinner commitment however it's an easy yes.

I guarantee that you will be one step closer to a solution at the end of this month together.

You are HERE now
Food failure hurts. I know.
There is a way out.
My coaching may or may not be the way out however I will help you start to THINK about your food solutions in a unique way.
Different is KEY
Regardless on if you sign up to coach with me, allow some of these alternative ideas to get you redirected.
You. Do. You.
If the strategy isn't working, it's the strategy, NOT YOU. Start to embody this and you'll start to shift.
If you need help
I'm down for a conversation. No obligation. I have been in food hell. (It sucks) Let's get you out of there.

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