Freebird Embodied Fitness

Freebird Embodied Fitness




How would it be to love being in your body?

ever wish you embodied more...


Strength to move your body in a way that creates a JOY and gets you where you want to go


Creating and then staying with healthy habits that lead to a healthy body and dynamic lifestyle


Experiencing a deep inner knowing that you are able to attend to your physical body without it dominating your life

Hello and Welcome

Ready to evolve into the healthiest version of you?

Fitness.  It’s much more than just lifting weights.  AND that said, beginning a strength training program is a GREAT start.  

A strength training program will create a keystone habit that will ripple health and wellbeing into so many other life areas.

I am Angela Freebird and I am your guide/mentor/coach/cheerleader into evolving into the most awesome version of yourself.

I have options to support you in starting to feel better in your own skin.  We can start with strength training together or if you are ready to GO BIG and really shift the way you look, feel and move in the world,  you can jump in for a total Embodied Fitness Transformation package.

Stronger, healthier, embodied and more at ease feels amazing… let’s get you started.

How to start?  So easy.  Just schedule a chat and together we will look at your goals, dreams and desires.

Great news is, this chat is complimentary.  Yep.  True story.  Click below and set it up.

AND plan B.  Dive in.  Book a 90 minute session.  Let’s talk dreams, goals, frustrations, desires AND then some solutions and a plan.  Click below because my Summer Special Fitness Consult is discounted right now (60% off!!) through July 31.  It’s easy AND spaces are limited so do not wait! Schedule away below!

Embodied Fitness Transformation

Can you imagine easily looking great and taking good care of yourself?

There is more to fitness than just working out harder or even just eating healiter.

To truly embody a big transformation…

You need to become the type of person that loves taking care of their body. 

I can help you do that with my experience in FUNctional exercising, dynamic eating psychology coaching AND the magic of Somatic Experiencing® (SE) .

SE will bring a sense of aliveness to your every day experience.

Somatic Experiencing® is the game changer in sustainable habits and making big shifts.

Click the button for your complementary fitness chat and we’ll talk about your struggles and magnificent solutions including Somatic Experiencing® 

Imagine this:

A healthy balanced exercise routine

Capacity to complete satisfying goals

Evolved Embodiment

Isn't it time to decide to look amazing and take care of you?

Here's how to get fit and feel more alive

SCHEDULE (it’s easy)

You don’t even have to break a sweat here… click on the Free Fitness Consult button below. It is completely complementary!!  Time to get you looking and feeling your best.

MOVE (it's FUN)

Together we will create a healthy FUN schedule of moving, eating and yes, playing that sets up your new way of being in the world.

EnJOY (Live it!)

As you begin to easily inhabit your lean, strong, relaxed body, you notice how easy it is to set and stick to healthy habits.

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