Freebird FUNctional Strength Training

A whole slew of FUN

No suffering needed.

Hoist one too many bags of groceries from your car with ease, ski that blue diamond top to bottom, and enjoy the way you feel in jeans - without injury, pushing, or pain.

ditch dreading the gym

Look forward to your unique (and effective) workouts

Consistent strength training will set up healthier eating.. I absolutely promise.

I am in a serious commitment with FUN.

No point in getting all buff and fit if we don’t enJOY the journey…. so join me and let the good times roll.

Hello and Welcome

Ready to evolve into the healthiest version of you?

Fitness.  It’s much more than just picking up and putting down that fancy new pink kettlebell 956 times.   AND that said, that pink kettlebell hoisting and other movements that make you stronger is a pretty crackerjack way to create the life you desire but have not been able to accomplish… yet.

A strength training program, with or without pink kettlebells, will create a keystone habit.  Keystone habits (think rock-solid, anchor or foundational) send a serious ripple into the rest of your habits calling them all to step up to the plate and join the awesomeness. 

I am Angela Freebird and I am your guide/mentor/coach/cheerleader into this most excellent evolution into the new fabulous you.

So many possibilities available here to getting you feeling, not only better in your own skin, but ready to charge out and live the kind of joy a Labrador retriever feels when she’s duped a soft hearted human into chucking that slimy tennis ball over and over and over. 

We can start with strength training together or if you are ready to GO BIG NOW and do this already, dance on over (your new favorite way of moving) to my Embodied Fitness Transformation Package. Go ahead… labradorish joy is possible.  Click away.

Stronger, healthier, embodied and more at ease feels A-MAZ-ZING… shall we begin the FUN?

What?  Did someone say FUN?  Why yes, someone did and it is so easy to start.  Just schedule a chat and together we begin to mastermind your transformation from blah to delight right in your very own daily life.

Great news is, this chat is complimentary.  Yep.  True story.  MY TREAT.  Click it to Get it.

Embodied Fitness Transformation

There is more to fitness than just working out harder or even consistently choosing spinach salad to a gooey swiss cheese sandwich. 

To truly embody a big transformation…

You need to become the type of person that delights in taking care of their body.

I can help you do that.   It’s what I do.  The blend of  FUNctional exercising, dynamic eating psychology coaching AND the magic of Somatic Experiencing® (SE)  is how I support you into changing  one habit at a time while pausing to breathe in the lavender.

Somatic Experiencing® is the game changer/secret sauce in creating and making big sustainable shifts.  (Who doesn’t love a juicy secret sauce?)

Click the button for your complementary (uh. that means FREE) fitness chat and we’ll talk about your struggles and magnificent solutions including Somatic Experiencing® 101

Imagine this:

Exercise retired. Movement becomes FUN

GOALS = Completion.

Aliveness. Repeat this: I am ALIVE

Superhero transformation coming right up!

completes with your new sidekick... a Freebird

SCHEDULE (it’s easy)

Just like raising the bat signal…You just click on the Complementary Fitness Consult button below.

MOVE (it's FUN)

Bounding like wonder woman, that’s going to be YOU.  Together we will create a FUN schedule of moving which sets up nourishing eating routines.  

EnJOY (Live it!)

Vivacious, stable habits on repeat so self-care is now your default. 

Extra-ordinary suits you.

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