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Hello Hello. Angela Freebird here.

Have you ever tried to change a behavior, like say, curbing your late night sugar binges, actually using your gym membership, or feeling happier without the three glasses of wine, almost every night?

Monday morning arrives and you tell yourself THIS. IS. THE. WEEK.

Then if you are lucky, you make it to Tuesday at 3:27 pm before admitting this was definitely not the right week to attempt this change, and you’ll give it another shot next Monday.

Yep. I get that.

Feels so so frustrating and yucky. If you are anything like me, you think, HOW?  I’m so good at these other parts of life.  HOW is this eating or exercising or contentment thing SO. SO. HARD?

I’ve been on a QUEST.  I have found solutions.

Here’s the takeaway.  

There is no ONE right way.

There is YOUR unique way, RIGHT now.  I can help you figure that out.

Years of

Habits I can help you with

Get ready for some alternative unique ideas.

Different is the name of the game around here.

Eating Habits

Ditch overeating
Lose Weight
Put Weight Watchers in the rearview once and for all

Exercise Habits

Strength Training
What, When and How
I'll help you pick.

JOY Habits

Feel more alive
Reduce Anxiety
Connect to well-being on demand


This is what I do

I study habits.

The bizarre thing is that most of us didn’t learn how to make sustainable healthy changes. 

We were just expected to somehow… KNOW how to make healthy choices, like consistently.  Hmmm, seriously??

It has been my life’s mission to figure this out.

I’m not an expert in politics (at all- please don’t ask me about current events).

I don’t change the oil in my truck (I pay people for that).

I barely can get air in my bike tires. 


I KNOW habits. 💫  

And I can help you with yours.

Tiny is Mighty.

You know something has to give but... what if hiring a coach doesn't work??!?

Start with my Tiny & Mighty Habit Kickstart Program.

Take One month. Solidify One Habit.

In this program, you and I choose one habit that is
aligned with your life vision and goals
combined with a solid strategy


Once you have a solid WIN, you'll have momentum!

This is priced for an easy YES complete with a guarantee.

Let's Get to Work

Ready for some sustainable solutions?

Here are TWO ways to make SHIFT happen.

Tiny & Mighty Habit Kickstart

Start Small
One Habit. One Month
This is an Easy Easy YES!

Planet Powered Habits

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Video Coaching on all things habit

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